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11 December 2008 @ 03:01 pm
He stumbles into Blue's bar, road worn and tired, and plops him self at the bar with a tired sigh.

"Blue, the only femme more beautiful than you would be my wife if you bring me something sweet right now."
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15 January 2008 @ 12:35 am
Bumblebee: *is showing her maturity*
Bumblebee: *by getting her sparkmate in a headlock*
Ratchet: *quietly shakes his head as he passes through the living room*
Jazz: *gaaak* *wrestles*
Bumblebee: *gentle knee to the midsection and a poke to the side*
Jazz: *attempts to tickle*
Bumblebee: *squeak! Elbow!* *(squirm)*
Jazz: *oofs!**kiss*
Bumblebee: Illegal move!
Jazz: We were fighting fair?
Bumblebee: *flips him over her shoulder, if she can*
Jazz: *tumbles* *crashes in the wall*

*whole hanger booms like a drum* *startled look from Optimus where he was standing in the courtyard talking to Rap and Honey*

Jazz: *dazed* Daaaisy daaaaisy~
Bumblebee: *concerned and confused. She couldn't have hurt him, right?* *walks over and hunkers next to him*
Jazz: *grabs her and pulls her into a kiss!* My love!
Bee: I knew it!
Jazz: XD *cuddles* I just would rather love ya.
Bee: *sighs and puts an arm around his neck* We've got to keep in practise
Jazz: Ya never know what can be a tactic
Bee: ..... I'm not kissing any Decepticons!
Jazz: *razznoise*
Bee: *dirty look* *or as dirty a look as she can pull off*
Jazz: Oh I done it now. *cuddles* I love you. You're the only lady love I got.
Bee: *mutter* Not kissing any Decepticons
Jazz: I know, I know. You strong woman. *kiss*
Bee: *relents and return the kiss*
Jazz: I love you. *nuzzles* I'm sorry.
Bee: *lays her head next to his with a sigh* *softly* I love you too. Seems strange to think that only a couple of months ago I would never have thought of it.
Jazz: I had a lotta fears when it started. *cuddles* Now that I look back on them I feel silly.
Bee: Because of that other femme that left?
Rap: *whispering* Mama's laying on Daddy again.
Optimus: Let's go for a walk
Jazz: *nods* And you were young, still very young. I was afraid of scaring you.
Bee: I had no idea what was going on at first. *turns her head to look at him* But, hey... I faced Megatron. *her voice wobbles a little as she says it. She still doesn't like to talk about that because she doesn't like being called a hero.*
Jazz: I'm glad.*kiss* My wife
Bee: *sighs and snuggles as she thinks how wierd it feels to realize and remember that she hadn't always been that*
Jazz: *notices that Op and the kids are gone.* Yanno...Prime has the kids...
Bee: Mmm hmmm
Jazz: There's a cave you I need to visit. I think.
Bee: I'm comfy. Don't wanna move.
Jazz: Later then. *cuddles*
Bee: *gently strokes the side of his face and then snuzzles* Yeah.
Jazz: *kisses her hand*
25 October 2007 @ 05:42 am
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