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25 October 2007 @ 05:42 am
Even I break down...  
*Bee and Jazz, while out driving, run across a car accident: big truck with unconcious driver, small car very squished*

*sound of a baby crying coming from car*

Bee: *transforms and starts ripping car open*

Honey: *wakes up in Jazz's passenger seat*

Jazz: *coos quietly at Honey while keeping his sensors* Honey, Baby, Daddy has to help Mommy. Be very quiet and good okay? *dials up the police radio* all emegency services report to state road 46. We have a two vehicel collision. Big truck with Driver unconcious, small car with sound of baby crying.*goes back to checking for life signs* Don't move anyone who is alive and got something trough them. Understand Bumblebee?

Bee: I know. *Gets top off car and extracts very small, new person in a carseat* Open your door.

Jazz:*does so* I got emegency services on my radio. Fire Rescue should be here first in about 15 minute.

Bee: *nods as she sets baby in the driver's seat, then goes back to the car and looks at it more closely* Oh maaaan.

Jazz: Oh man is not good Bee. Is there anybody other than the baby alive? *his hologram appears by the car to talk to the baby and soothe it.* Driver of the truck is out cold.

Bee: *Unhappy sound* Jazz, they're... no. There's nobody else.

Jazz: *curses in their language* *gets back on the radio as a fire rescue ambulance and state trooper appear down the road up ahead.* Bee! They're here

Bee: *changes back swiftly* Don't let Honey see. Don't.

Jazz: I'm on it! *his hologram speaks sharply to Honey* Honey, you gotta be a good girl for Mommy and Daddy.*thewindows of his altmode darken.* Stay in the back seat okay. Bee! Hologram!

Bee: Right. *Hologram flickers badly but then steadies* I can't move mine out.

Honey: *curls in small ball and makes like no Honey*

*Ambulance skids slightly as it stops, and the crew is out in a heartbeat, giving the crushed and now shredded car grim looks as they set to work*

State trooper: *gets out of his car and frowns at the wreckage* D****. *turns to Jazz and Bumblebee.* You guys find this? Can I have your names?

Bee: *realizes that she's not good enough at working with her hologram to make it look like it's talking, instead makes it give Jazz a 'frightened' look as she coms him* //(What do we do? We don't technically exist.)//

EMT guys: What the #$$%$%&##@$ happened here? This shouldn't have... Oh @#$%*&$%#. *set to work gently extracting the bodies*

Jazz: *smiles resurringly and pats her as his holo talks* I'm James 'Jazz' Rippen, this is my wife, Beatrice, just call her Bee. *he holds his hand out to shake the trooper's* //(I'm really pushing the soda can's parimeters. Pretend your mute again and make like your signing)// *nods* We were out testing out our newest car and saw this. My brother is an officer.

Bee: *Just puts her hand over her mouth and makes like she's turning green*

Emt: Where's the baby? You called in that there was a baby?

Jazz: We got it out of the car and in mine. *makes his way over to his car mode and shows them the carrier*

Trooper: I applaud you good citzenship but you need to stay out of the crash site. *goes about writing taking notes* *gets ready to climb up the truck and check out the driver.*

Emt: *goes to get the bby carrier and lifts his eyes over Jazz's shoulder and into the 'car' interior* *gasps* What the @#$%& is that?

*Two blue optics are glowing in the dimness*

Bee: 8O

Jazz: *reaches* It's a toy, for our own baby at home, her grandpa is taken care of her.

Emt: *shakes head slightly, looking relieved and mentally mocking himself* Right. Sorry.

*another car stops, and suddenly Fig's there, giving orders in Spanish. The EMT guys roll their eyes at him, but are glad for the help.*

Bee: *makes her hologram look up at the trooper*

Trooper: *looks in and shakes the driver to try to wake him up* One of you guys get him, please. *smiles kindly at Bee* Don't worry, ma'am, he's just out.

Jazz: Yo! Fig! What you doin here? *smiles* And English man, English.

EMT: Just waiting for you to get out of the way.

Fig: Headin' for home. What you doin'? *looks at Bee as she makes the hologram nod and drops his voice* And how you doin' this, man?

Trooper: *gets down and continues to mark off the scene* *lifts a brow at Fig* Other's in your aqquaintace like to step in as well Mr. Rippen?

Jazz: Me and Bee came across this on our way to pick up Sam. *lowers his voice as well* Hologram is hard light. Honey is in my back seat.

Fig: No idea what that means. *Lifts voice* You called Sam yet? He's gonna be freakin' like.... *remembers Honey* he was this mornin'.

EMTs: *Got live guy and baby in Ambulance, leave the casualties with the trooper till more support can come and drive off with siren wailing*

Honey: *scared sound*

Jazz: Take longer to explain. *raises his voice* No not yet. *turns to Bee* Bee? Can ya message Sam and let him know whats up?

Trooper: The coroner Will be along here in a bit. Did any of you see the accident?

CarJazz: *sends soothing vibrations* //It'll be alright, baby//

Bee: *shaking hologram's head to trooper, then nods to holoJazz* //I did as soon as I saw the crash.//

Honey: *curls up and snuggles.*

Fig: *Low voice* Man you... flickered.

Jazz: *soft smile* Yeah happens.*to the trooper* No officer none of us saw how it happened. //Good.//

Trooper: *nods and looks up as a different amubulance arrives.* The coroner. Look, I don't have much more I need outta you guys. Just head on about your business and we'll be in touch. Can I have a number?

Jazz: Yeah *gives the officer the 'I got pulled over' number* My wife's father will answer the phone.

Bee: //You realize Ratchet answers that?//

Fig: *looking mildly weirded out and concerned for his friend, but heads for his car.*

Jazz: *grins at her slightly* //Thought it was either him or Prime.// *waves at Fig* I'll talk to you later man. Drive safe! * to the trooper* Thank you for getting here so fast sir. You get home safe too.

Trooper: You too Mr.Rippen, Mrs.Rippen, take care.

Bee: *starts engine, then gives a soft horntoot of surprise, but pulls past the crash and heads slowly toward town, being careful to not get more than a hundred yards ahead of Jazz.*

Fig: *waves and drives off*

Jazz: *starts his engine and follows**his hologram constantly reaches over to pat and soothe Honey* Good baby, good baby.

Bee: *pulls onto a little side road and goes till they're behind a hill, then shifts and holds her head in her hands.*

Honey: *NOT comforted by the car ride right now*

Jazz: *stops and lets Honey out to go to her mother before transforming to join her*

Bee: *pulls the sparkling off her back and hugs her close, reaching with the other hand for Jazz* That was scary. *sounds only a little shaken*

Jazz: *is a little shaken too as he gathers close to his family* yeah. That poor baby. *he sighs and kisses the top of her head*

Bee: *leaning against him* They lived near the base. I think they were just bringing him home for the first time.

Honey: *sends another little wordless com signal like the one that had startled her momma*

Bee: (Yeah, I know. But we've got you now. Shhh.)

Jazz: *coos and holds them both* (Yeah, no more scary things today.) *his horns are laid back on his head and shoulders ever so slightly shaking.*

Bee: *Turns and hugs him with both arms, Honey slightly squished between* Shhh.

Jazz: *curls against them* There are times, even I can't be strong. *snuggles in and just lets out his silent cries*

Bee: I know. *rocks he and Honey till the sparkling stops clinging and falls asleep*

Jazz: *lets out a soft purr as his sparkling sleeps* I guess I'm good to go now. I'll carry Honey, and we can get to Sam if ya want.

Bee: *kisses him and lets go to stand and scan the area around them* Yeah, he's wondering where I am.

Jazz: *kisses back lightly and hand Honey carefully over to Bee.* Yeah. *shifts into car mode without any of his normal finesse*

Bee: *Rubs his roof with one hand, then gently installs their sleeping sparkling in his seat and straps her down before closing his door and shifting herself. Pauses and looks at him, then plays him a snatch of the Mardi Gras song that he played for her the day he proposed.*

Jazz: *laughs and remembers* Iko Iko aneh. *he sings softly* I'll be fine Bee. You gonna be fine?

Bee: Yeah. I've seen that kind of stuff before, while I was looking for the glasses. *starts back toward the main road*

Jazz: *laughs softly* Think you and I have seen it all now, in between the two of us. *follows close enough not to tailgate* Love you, Bee.

Bee: //I love you too.// *guns engine slightly as she hits the pavement and reaches for the speed limit, and leads the way to go get Sam and go to work*
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